Why Elvish?

Many ask why our primary language is Elvish.

The origins of our Cult stretch back to the second millenium of the Third Age of the Sun. It was founded by the Ithryn Luin, the Blue Wizards, two Istari of which few tales tell, in the far east near the Sea of Rhûn. At the time, only Men tarried there. The Ithryn Luin taught a minority of these Men the ways of the Amarhatar and schooled them in sorcery and other subtle arts, making them wiser than the majority of the inhabitants. They were chosen to carry through and preach the will of the Amarthatar and to prepare His coming. To emphasize their superiority and to make them capable of reading the old scriptures which told of the Coming of the Amarthatar, they taught them Elvish. These tounges, since they are in many ways magical, helped them in their casting of difficult spells, allowing them to gain even more wisdom and power. This is, in short, why the Aina Amarth have come to speak Elvish.

Thus the Turamarth advise the following:

For those who are level 15 and above: learn to speak sindarin fluently as soon as possible. For those who are below level 15: concentrate on advancing.

    May the Amarthatar bless thee,
      The Turamarth

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