Obediance and Respect

To serve the Amarthatar well one must obey the commands of the superiors; follow certain rules and behave correctly. This demands discipline and strict obedience. The following is expected every time you wake from sleep and enter Arda:

1. Say hello on the Cult's comm in Elvish.
2. Check your mail, read it and answer it if needed.
3. It is important that you have an idea of what is happening in Arda. Read any eventual news and try to keep up with the latest at the gossiper.
4. Pray at the altar of Amarthatar. This is inside our guildhall. Those who forget to pray will be punished. Those who pray often will be rewarded.

Cult comm rules:
1. Never speak of - a delusion held by many - "real life."
2. Do not say things that may hurt the spirit or the moral of the Cult as "I am going to suicide," or "we are all going to die."
3. Do not spam the comm with unnecessary remarks.

Overall rules of behavior:
1. Always obey your superiors.
2. Never speak disrespectfully to your superiors.
3. Always address your superiors with 'Taur,' the Noldorin word for vast, mighty, overwhelming, sublime; unless you have leave not to.
4. If you wish to speak about "real life" with another member tell them first "request OOC(out of character)". Then, the other member may decide whether to speak of "real life" or not.

Rules when leaving Arda:
1. Remember to store useful equipment in the Guilds Armory. Replace gear you’ve worn down. This way we all get a chance for a good start when we log in.
2. Say goodbye to everyone on the comm in Elvish.

Anyone who violates these rules will be punished.

    May the Amarthatar bless thee,

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