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Not all in this world is good or evil, there are many shades of grey in Eru's song. For near three Ages have the Elves walked our Middle-earth, deathless, hiding in the shadows of their dying forests waiting for the inevitable end of their race. We, the Men of Numenor have long been overdue for immortality, but instead, it was stolen from us by the first-born of Iluvatar.

We are those men who oppose the plan of the Gods and we worship only one true Lord. We are those men who shall be victorious on the day of the last battle, with the power granted to us by our Lord's return. There is but one future, and it belongs to the race of men.

We are the Aina Amarth
The followers of our holy father,

In the Unfinished Tales it was written: "[The Ithryn Luin] were founders of secret cults and 'magic' traditions that outlasted the fall of Sauron". The Aina Amarth is one of these secret cults of men. Its followers pledge their lives to Amarthatar. The Ithryn Luin arrived around 2000 years before the war of the ring, making the Aina Amarth a very old cult. Its followers may lead no easy lives; but with the goal of immortality in sight, the burdens of life feel light.

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