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Finya tells her story, chapter by chapter. First chapter starts here!

Ungorane's sits gambling at the Rutting Walrus and tells a story

Magwarrior tells us about his Rebirth!

A follower has dishonored Amarthatar and must be cleansed. As the follower is staring into the cup that might end his life or bring him into a new one a vision comes. Read more here.

All wars are not fought with swords. Read more here.

The few remaining followers gathers before the lake to gain strength. A strange new follower speaks.

Amarthatar calls for a lost sheep to return but his calls are answered. Turamarth, accompanied by a dragon, takes matters in his own hands. Read more here.

The Dragons of Middle Earth are rising again. Together the followers of Amarthatar, the Dragons and the Son's of Ulfang sneaked into Edoras. Heavy casualties reported. A truly sad day. Read more here.

Dark blue monks have been seen as far east as the Grey Havens. The fire is spreading all over. Perhaps the time has finally come? Read more here.

The blue fire is silently sparkling in the darkness. Every night that passes the fire is lit in another fresh human and another soul is tied to the flame. Read more here.

The blue mist is slowly sneaking upon the wary Knights of Dol Amroth. New uproars have been reported in southwest Gondor. Read more here.

The cult is once again weakened due to the evil forces of Arda. It was first now the great casualties from the many battles could be seen. The forces of the Aina Amarth appeared to be scattered and severely weakened. Hochopepa resigned as Hammon Luin and once more the mere existance of the cult was threatened. The last Turamarth, Nils, was far away drifting between the two worlds. However through the mist of Rhûn Arnie appeared and spoke to all the humans. Once more the cult had been saved.

After many victorious strikes against the castle of the Knights of Dol Amroth, the knights retreated. Amarthatar was pleased and the Turamarth sacrificed the few knights still alive to his glory.

Taur Amarthatar was also pleased with the mysterious strike towards the elves in Lothlorien and in particular, their precious tower! Read more here.

Disregarding all other wishes from decieved and weak members the Turamarth ordered the status of total war. The battle against the elves and their allies had begun.

Blue Monks were all over Arda, creating a strange impression of being nice and friendly. By supporting the Knights of Dol Amroth and aiding them in attacks they recieved great support. Soon the cult was armed to their teeth and ready to strike...

The growth of the cult is increased tenfold. Soon stories of shadowy blue clad monks can be heard all over Arda.

Before the mighty sea of Rhûn Nils kneeled, waiting. It was just after the first fall. Arvoreg had been driven away and the rest of the high council was either dead or far away. The great halls of Angolkor now was dark and empty. Was this the end? The day after Nils returned. He seemed to have grown stronger from the night and its shadows. The blue flame was once more seen licking the sky that night. The second rise had begun.

The Ainurs had rejected the Aina Amarth. The cult was furious. The Ohtatyarim roamed through Arda and finally came upon the Castle of the Knights of Dol Amroth which they almost destroyed. In the higher ranks of the cult another battle started. Before Arvoreg and Nils had been working together but now they turned upon each other. Resemling a almost burned out star the Aina Amarth threw their weapons and hate in all directions untill all strength was gone and they seemed to have vanished into nothingness.

The old founder of the Ohtatyarim, Luinhir Exarkun, refused to obey orders from the Turamarth. This is the announcement made by the Evandil. More detailed information can be found in the Evandil library where different aspects of his dissapearing are being more carefully investigated.

Yubara, a faithful follower, dies due to poison. A Knight of Dol Amroth is there but first refuses to aid and when finally decides to help the time has run out for Yubara.

New ideas flourish inside the cult. Arvoreg returns from a long journey and tries to sneak into the cult unknown, fearing the wrath of Nils. He is revealed by firfaroth but forgiven and accepted. Still one can sense the tension between Arvoreg and Nils and the future of the cult would be clouded by their different views on things. This event marks the beginning of the first era of greatness where the cult would rise and stand strong and proud together.

The first sparkle of the fire is seen in public. Read more here.

More information can be found in the The Chronicles. However these are always under construction and being rewritten. This will take you to the Turamarth chamber.

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