We are the Aina Amarth, the followers of Amarthatar. Our origins lie in the East, but we have come to the West to search for more knowledge and convert other Men. We do not believe in the common gods like Eru or Melkor, but we worship Amarthatar, the Saviour. He will grant us immortality on his return. And on that day, Arda will be enveloped in a blue fire. Destroying all who oppose him; rewarding the faithful with immortality. We hate the Elves, because they are immortal and believe in the lies of Eru. Still, we also admire and study their works, for maybe the secret of immortality is hidden therein. We also use their tongue as our language, so some proficiency in Sindarin is required. Outsiders consider us Evil, for our envy of the Elves and often Dwarves makes us seem as Villains to them.

Our objective in the War of the Rings is different than other guilds. We seek war for our own reasons. Our objective is simple, we yearn for the three elvish rings, and to gain them is our purpose for joining the war. With the Elvish rings in our possession, we believe that entry into the Halls of Amathatar will be secured. With those rings, we will conquer the four Elven havens in Arda. Those being Rivendell, Grey Havens, Lothlorien and Edhellond. The realms of Thranduil and Erebor, the mountains range of Lindon where Belegost lies and the home of the Naugrim shall all shudder as we lay waste upon them also. We shall defy all who oppose us! [Learn more about our theme in the "about us" and "thematic description" sections]

We are the lost children of Arda, spat upon, laughed at, and rejected by the world. It is not an easy thing to be a follower of Amarthatar. Through hard times, and darkness so thick it can hardly be imagined, even through good times, the cult has survived. We are here today, we have none but each other. If you believe that you are ready, that you are worthy to follow and serve our lord, please seek us out in the far east near the Sea of Rhûn. Keep in mind, becoming a follower is not an easy journey.

For more information, please contact Ungoránë on T2T directly.

Members should also note the rules that applies for interaction with new trial members. Read more here.

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